The First Years  (2 CD's in 1)     




  Songs written by Eddie Day unless noted*


* These were the first 2 cd's we ever recorded. The original masters were destroyed. .We were able to get 14 songs total off of these recordings and make them available on one CD we call "The First Years..)"                                  

                                        Click on clip to hear songs                                        

1. *Can't Nobody (Author Unknown) 

2. Walking Away 

3. He Filled the Empty Space 

4. Power Company 

5. Love 

6. *Let Me Walk (Author Unknown) 

7. Good News 

8. Sign of the Times

9. They Only Love You

10. Love Never Felt This Way

11. *King Jesus (Joe Freeman)

12. New Heart New Mind

13. Personal Guarantee

14. I Found It All

15. Don't Ever Let Me Forget

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