“Freedom Recording Studio’s”

                                      ‘Helpful Recording Tips’


So you want to record a CD? Isn’t it exciting!? Going into a recording studio and recording yourself or a band is fun and rewarding! But many get nervous not knowing what to expect. We want to help you prepare and be ready for this great experience.

 We have had many people who have never been in a studio before ask some of the same questions:

We recommend if possible that you come here and visit us before you actually make a date to record. You can look at what we have to offer and we can answer any questions you may have. You can also use your main ingredient for a good decision..YOUR EARS!


Because there are so many different needs in recording a project, we feel we can better serve you by knowing exactly what you need before we give you a price for your recording. We also offer some useful tips that can save you extra costs and confusion.

Important: If you are not serious about your music and you just want a ‘halfway done, cheesy sounding recording’ for a few dollars, we are probably not what you are looking for. Remember, your music makes an impression of who you are and what you are about. Do it the very best you can!

Our studio is all digital (24 Bit) with unlimited tracks so we can handle any size project..

 We offer audio samples of our studio to let you hear what our over all ability is to give you a professional recording you can cherish forever.  

My wife, Mary, & I have recorded 18 albums of our own songs and have well over 30 years experience in the music business. We have recorded cd's in some of the most professional studio's in the country. Our last 15 projects were done here in our studio. We have had several songs on various charts over the years, & I have personally recorded in multi-million dollar studios in Nashville and other places.

     You DO NOT have to go there and spend 5 or 10 thousand dollars to get a good professional recording! I have heard many people say, “But, Elvis Recorded in this same studio!” I have been there and done that! The flashing lights and big talk of many studio’s & record companies have also hypnotized me! I found out the hard way that the location & high prices of a studio don’t effect the sound and product. Always trust your ears to make the final decision!

* There are also a lot of home recording studio’s out there from ‘down in the basement’ to ‘out in the garage’ offering great deals. We encourage you to ‘shop around’ but be wise. 

* Go see & listen to the studio you will be recording in and make sure you are comfortable. We feel ‘Freedom Recording’ has a very professional sound and atmosphere and we can offer artists a great product for a reasonable price.

* While there are many ‘electronic marvels’ we have here to improve the over all sound of your music & voice, there are no substitutes for practice & hard work! 

* Play & sing your songs over & over before you get here noticing every place where you are not comfortable or the band is not ‘clicking’. 

* Stop and work out those 'small details' and you will have a more professional recording you can be proud of. Take special time to get the beginnings, endings and turn arounds of every song tight and professional.

* We also recommend you record your practices on a small recorder and listen closely to see where you need to fix some of those ‘boogers’ as we call them. Remember, once it is on a master, it will be there forever!

* Studio time is expensive, so the studio is not good place to come & practice or discuss what songs you want to do. Have everything organized & ready when you get here and it will save you big $$! 

* In our experience, you can easily record a 10 song project in 7-10 hours or less. That saves more time for the most important part..’the final mix.’ We offer 12-15 hours in our packages to complete & mix a project. Plenty of time to spare if you are prepared!

       Any time over 15 hours for 10 songs will be $50 per hour.

Let us know if we can help you in any way. Just give us a call and we will set up a time for you to come by and see what we have to offer. Thanks, and we hope to hear from you!

Freedom Recording reserves the right to turn down any project at our discretion.

Eddie Day  owner/operator